I´m a sound postproduction technician and a music producer and composer, especialiced in movies and advertisments.

Graduated in Audiovisual communication by the Politechnical University of Valencia and the EHU in the Basque Country. I realiced a film script course by Paco López Barrio (El ministerio del tiempo) and the Masterclass ‘Hans Zimmer teaches film scoring’.


I developed skills in Stopmotion animation and Graphic design. Moreover I’m drummer of many musical entities like The Symphonic orchestra of Villena and The Musical Society of Ruperto Chapí. Also drummer in the band ‘Kind of Standard’ 3rd award for a young band by the Deputation of Alicante in 2019.

Nowadays I’m performing direct sound in shortfilms and adverts. Audio Postproduction in movies and commercials and music production and composition in shortfilms, documentaries and commercials for many national audiovisual studios and distributing my stopmotion animation Shortfilm ‘RED’, internationaly selected in countries like United States, Mexico, Argentina, Italy and awarded for the best animation at the ‘United Workers’ festival in Macedonia.


If you want to find me, get in touch with me here or in my social networks!


t. +34 673786578